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vivere in argentinaSamuele decora con stucchi d'oro e d'argento le case, gli hotel e i negozi. Le sue mani d'artigiano hanno impreziosito gli interni un po' spenti e anonimi ovunque fossero nel mondo e l'hanno portato a conoscere altri Paesi e altre genti, diversi da Milano, dove vive ed è nato.

Per due anni (era il 2002,) è vissuto a Londra e l'inglese è diventato la sua seconda lingua. Da poco si è messo a imparare lo spagnolo, perchè Samuele Perego, a 30 anni, ha puntato il dito sull'America Latina per andarci a vivere, in terra Argentina.

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You travel for business, pleasure, sometimes to escape. Whatever the reason, there is a thought that caresses the mind of the traveler, whenever that comes in a new place: I could live here? I could really think to move my whole life, my family maybe, in this place? The fresh air, you know, fascinating. But the idea of having the ability to create something from scratch whose success depends on you, enthuses. And, at times, frightening. Often, however, the solution may not be a permanent transfer, but for example create an alternative. How to have a window to be opened only when we decide, a second way ahead without necessarily having to give up first.

My first big trip, a few months after the university dates back to 1966, obviously with backpackers, as it was in the middle 60s. Away from Italy to discover France, England, Northern countries and then return from Germany. Means available: trains and hitchhiking. At that time leave Italy for young people was not very common. It was love at first sight and no love has lasted so long in my life like to travel: we met that I was 18 years old and stay with me forever. Until the end. The only drawback, at least one must have it, that this companion existential (adventure travel) is that with age it becomes more expensive: today, 62 years, I would feel out of place in a hostel, with a backpack shoulder. So I have to keep working in retirement to live with her again. The fact remains that after 44 years of wandering, without leakage or fast travel more important, an idea of where I'd like to have an alternative port for me, my life is done. In fact more of an idea and on more than one port. Including, Argentina.

This web page want to collect the dreams of all those who love to travel and open a dialogue which places the subject of dreams, anywhere in the world they are places and dreamers. The goal is not to give the Oscar to the best place to share, but the reasons for a choice that could lead Argentina to Australia. The answer varies depending on the needs of each, depends on personal preference and country of origin of each of us. However, it is very likely that those who live in the north look to the south and vice versa, those who live in urban chaos will dream a Land or a desert island and those living in the company of silence to think maybe a small apartment of 40 sqm. the Grand Canal in Venice by water bus loads of tourists who pass the time.

While rambling through the world will discover that there are several points that have the features to represent a viable alternative to life or given periods of their lives. Many of us will want to go see and many will. In the end it makes no sense to work, live and die in the same place. Especially with the possibility today. And in an open world like the present any destination is easily accessible and the dream is within reach of a much larger universe of people than you might imagine.


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