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San Telmo. One Sunday morning like many: the market, crafts and tango orchestras. Many people are only here to promote their performances in other venues during the week and the San telmo works for them as the best PR you can find. Among these there is the El Afronte orchestra, where the violinist is a girl 26 years old and the public relations manager, Gabriel, plays the viola and is nicknamed  is "El Gato".

El Afronte

"Come and see us on Monday and Wednesday evenings: the “Bendita” and “Maldita” milonga" El Gato says. The idea of distinguishing the representations in “Bendita” and “Maldita” literally blessed and cursed, was an initiative of the orchestra to be able to stand out among the many tango bands that invade the city each year. Because, as the singer of El Afronte says "we put up an orchestra of tango because we like it and because when you play the tango there is more communication between people".

In the past two evenings were also differentiated by the attire of the musicians, and during the night "bendita" dressed in white while the "maldita" was covered by black suits and strongest songs. But now the orchestra has kept the special effects off the stage and is dedicated heart and soul to create music, so that it is possible to alternate between "cover" of original songs with classic orchestra tango. And like Fernandez Fierro, El Afronte also is tryining to manage activities independently, and that gives them a vast degree of freedom.

The milonga where they perform is in the very centre of San Telmo (Peru 571) and it is quite a tourist place where you can hear English in almost every corner, but it is one of the few where there is the possibility to dance while the band plays live, it is now becoming very rare. Before the performance, there is a tango lesson and that allows people to put into practice the teachings received just minutes before.

During the show, a particular hit our attention. One of bandoneonistas - there are four players “bandoneón”, the main instrument of the tango – wears a shirt of the Napoli football club and of course, the number 10 with the name of Maradona. Why? Because the band has recently returned from an European tour that also included Italy and Napoli, where they played for the human rights film festival.

They fell in love with the italian and hope to start soon and continue their quest for the world to bring a bit of “Buenos Aires” where it is do not yet known. And to remind those who have been already there what it feels like to walk through the city streets to the rhythm of tango.
El AfronteEl Afronte










Giulia De Luca

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