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Argentina is no longer so far away. A time to get news of a land beyond the Atlantic to wait the stories of migrants, rare letters from an unknown country that had given a second chance to anyone who dared to cross the ocean. The years pass but some things do not change: people still go to Argentina to seek a new life and continue to talk about their experiences. And to dream thousands of friends, acquaintances, relatives, or just strangers, hoping one day to involve them to the point of convincing them to groped an adventure, a trip or a vacation. And is based on this desire to know (and share) the country that was born on site El Borgo, a place that uses the web to become real by exploiting advances in technology to bring people to a true multicultural community that takes shape day after day.

This space was created with the purpose of wanting to bring together in a virtual all lovers of "World of Argentina." But unlike most of the communities that already exist in the network, El Borgo is not the point of arrival but only the first stage of a virtual journey that will give life to real life, where you want to promote the best possible knowledge, information, advice and criticism that can come from all over the world. It will have all the useful tips on where to take home, which is in Buenos Aires and in Patagonia, on the best places to treat yourself to a ranch with gauchos and maybe with a vineyard of Malbec or opportunities to start entrepreneurial activities.

In the virtual world, the site El Borgo want to bring anyone with an interest in the other half of the world. Passionate about travel, nature, tango, good wine as football, golf, polo or, simply, of Argentina, will generate debate in their own Agora and meet those who had a specific interest, wish to give their contribution knowledge.

No coincidence that this "village" on the web has already garnered the enthusiastic cooperation of some of the most important schools of Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina famous restaurants, the most distinguished experts in economics and real estate enthusiasts and lovers of football, but also of the Polo Club or Golf historians and many other partners who share a great love, Argentina. And soon live only on the web will not suffice.

The real difference between this new community and the other is that soon the village will build a virtual real village, whose first phase of construction will begin in March 2011 to complete the following year.

The Village will be built in the heart of Area 60, the first intelligent city center of Latin America that is located 40 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, the capital. The village will have real technology of the third millennium and will be environmentally sustainable. It was designed with multiple criteria and contemporary but want to bring that historical conception of formation and aggregation of our European cities to small villages that just grew and grew. A concept already present, and essential, in the streets of ancient Greece and the Roman Forum and now simply disappeared.

Shall be facilitated in every way interpersonal aggregation, there will a major pedestrian area with small squares, bars, restaurants, an international cultural center, a place of worship, workshops, small commercial spaces. And above all, will have all those services that are now discussed with you in our section. Polo and Golf Centers will host champions and enthusiasts from all over the world, cooking classes will be held by the largest experimental Chef Argentine cultural spaces will host exhibitions, concerts and debates in what is going to be one of the most cultural centers Innovative South America. Will be organized "shipments" unique in Patagonia and in the most sought after land, giving the opportunity for all to live - and not only to know - Argentina along with those who study the history of nature and society.

In El Borgo (the Village) you will speak many different languages and cultures live together. The natural result that will bind the members of this community of world citizens will be constantly seeking to improve their quality of life through proper use of technology and science, through the creation of innovative educational facilities and through a gradual emancipation from systems centralized now no longer able to provide neither adequate education, nor enough jobs or health care level, much less to ensure a peaceful exit from the world of work. Pursuing technological autonomy and efficiency is a major step in this direction.

The community of the Village will become a potential meeting point for professionals and managers of emerging companies with strong international vocation. This will have the effect of producing a kind of laboratory of ideas multicultural and multinational, where to draw new businesses and jobs that are difficult to predict today, where you can change old patterns, where endless amounts of hours are wasted in the commuting and the place where work is always the same: an office in the congested center of each city.

The dream that you want to accomplish is to highlight the best ideas of the discussion via the web from different cultures, ages and countries, and put them in practice to improve services, facilities and therefore the life of the village to be built. No one pretends to know what and how many may be the needs of each age group of citizens of the world in the third millennium. Only with the contributions of ideas you can bring a good result.


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